Reported Hate Crimes in Florida

By Claudia Perez Brito

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Hate Crime Incidents per Bias Motivation (Table 13 Florida)

The Federal Bureau of Investigations defines a "hate crime" as a offense against a person or group motivated by a bias the offender might have of them (i.e. race, religion, gender). The FBI asks various state agencies to submit hate crimes to record incidents that were reported. This chart demonstrates data Florida state agencies submitted that were categorized based on bias motivation. The highest number of incidents in the state in 2016 were incidents motivated by race or ethnicity with 43 reported cases. Incidents motivated by sexual orientation had the second highest number with 31 cases.

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Hate Crimes (2010-2016, Table 13 Florida)

The FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting provides data from various years. In Florida's data from 2010 to 2016 the highest reported incidents were all motivated by race or ethnicity. Race and ethnicity hate crimes had an overall decrease over the six year period. The year 2012 experienced the highest number of these types of crimes with 85 reported incidents. In the same year hate crimes categorized under sexual orientation also experienced a spike with 42 reported incidents. In the six years shown the smallest number of hate crimes reported fell under hate crimes motivated by religion with eight reported crimes in 2013.